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"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu - Leather Bound by Easton Press - Wall Street Treasures
"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu - Leather Bound by Easton Press - Wall Street Treasures
"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu - Leather Bound by Easton Press - Wall Street Treasures

"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu - Leather Bound by Easton Press

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Easton Press - Leather Bound Book

This leather bound "The Art of War " by Sun Tzu book is in mint condition. It's sealed in the original plastic! This is an iconic read that also looks fantastic sitting on the shelf! It's a must-have for the collection! This book has been used as a tactical manual for the military, corporate executives, and politicians for decades.

Easton Press Books are among the highest quality leather bound books ever produced. This book is bound in genuine full leather, features real gold accents and lettering, gold gilded page edges to further protect the pages, thread sewn binding, acid-free archival paper, lustrous silk moiré end paper, raised spine bands that give it that distinctive antique look, and a silk ribbon sewn into the binding to top it off.

"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu

Edition: 1988 Collector's Edition

Publisher: Easton Press

Pages: 196

Binding: Luxurious Leather Binding

Condition: Mint - Sealed in Original Plastic

"If you know yourself and know your enemy, you will gain victory a hundred times out of a hundred." - Sun Tzu
Written in the 6th century BC, this classic is a landmark work on military strategy, with insights that continue to influence politics, corporate strategy and military thinking.

"The Art of War " by Sun Tzu - Translated by Samual B. Griffith

The longevity and the universal influence of Sun Tzu's The Art of War are indisputable. A collection of essays on the ethics and subtleties of battle, it has served as the modus operandi of many famous leaders, including Mao Tse-Tung. It has been studied by scholars and laypeople across the world for literally centuries.

The work emphasizes psychological strategy rather than simple physical attack. It teaches the art of "knowing the enemy as you know yourself," presenting war as a battle of wills more than weapons, and offering an alternative to bloody wars of attrition.

The Art of War was written well over two thousand yeas ago, most likely between 450 and 300 B.C. At that time, China was a maelstrom of kidnappers, army deserters, and peasants who would literally kill to elevate their station in life. Vendettas climaxed at swordpoint. Ineffectual warriors were beheaded, pickled or boiled. Criminals lost limbs, or were castrated.

Gradually, the conduct of war became more organized. Generals became more sophisticated and strategic, writing dictums such as essays included in the Art of War.

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