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NYX NYSE IPO Listing Bell - Wall Street Treasures
NYX NYSE IPO Listing Bell - Wall Street Treasures

NYX NYSE IPO Listing Bell - New York Stock Exchange

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New York Stock Exchange Memorabilia

Here we have a rare NYX NYSE IPO Listing Bell. Only a few of these were made, and they are a significant piece of history! The bells were produced to commemorate the historic merger of the New York Stock Exchange (established in 1792) and Archipelago Holdings on March 7, 2006. The merger formed the NYSE Group Inc., (Ticker NYX). For the first time in its 214-year history, the New York Stock Exchange became a for-profit company and began trading publicly on its own stock exchange under the NYX ticker. These IPO Bells were only given to NYSE employees and executives; only a few of these exist. The bell is made of quality and stands 5 1/2" tall. It has a shiny chrome finish, and it's amazingly loud! The bell is in great condition overall, it has just a few minor blemishes that you must look for. This unique collectible will make a fantastic gift or addition to a collection. This is a treasure! 

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